You can finally drive the Fortnite battle bus

Fortnite now has a drivable battle bus - more specifically, an armoured battle bus that can plough through buildings with extreme ease

Fortnite's new drivable battle bus

Now you can be the bus driver, and maybe even get thanked, because the Fortnite battle bus is finally drivable. The armoured battle bus was implemented today, and while you can’t fly it through the air to drop 100 players into a battle royale game, you can drive it through plenty of terrestrial obstacles and take advantage of some powerful weaponry.

“The armoured battle bus is fully constructed and ready to roll at The Sanctuary and Synapse Station,” Epic says on Twitter. “Be sure to thank your bus driver” The customary balloon is not present, but there is a mean-looking steel plough on the front, perfect for knocking down any obstacle that dares to try slowing you down.

Players are already putting the armoured battle bus through its destructive paces, and it appears to smash through trees and buildings with little trouble. There’s a high-calibur, slow-firing anti-armour weapon on the front, and minigun on the back that fires fast but can overheat if overused. There are also four seats for riders on the top.

Between the driver, two gunners, and four riders, that’s a seven-person vehicle – more than enough to get up to some pretty intense shenanigans in a match.

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