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How to get Eren Jaeger Fortnite skin

The Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin has arrived in Chapter 4, Season 2, but you’ll have to complete quests to unlock the Attack on Titan outfit.

Fortnite Eren Jaeger quests: the Attack on Titan character as he appears in the Fortnite Chapter 4 season 2 trailer, wearing a brown jacket, with his fist against his chest and a serious look on his face.

The Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin brings Attack on Titan to the battle royale game for the new Mega season, and the Japanese manga and anime series fits right in with the Japanese and Neo-Tokyo theme. We’ll help you complete the quests needed to unlock the skin and its complementary items.

The new Fortnite map features some heavy Japanese influence, from Sakura trees, Japanese architecture, and the Neo-Tokyo inspired Mega City, so it’s little wonder this Fortnite season’s unlockable quest skin is none other than Attack on Titan’s Eren Jaeger. The Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Fortnite quests have now arrived in the battle royale game, and we’ve listed them all below, as well as how to unlock the Eren Jaeger Fortnite skin. You’ll need to make the most of new ODM Gear and Thunder Spears, as well as locate a familiar location to Attack on titan fans in the free PC game.

Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin - The Attack on Titan character's skin in the in-game menu

How to get the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin

The Eren Jaeger skin has now been unlocked, and can be seen in the Battle Pass tab, where you can check your progress. The quests and associated cosmetics are below. To get the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin, complete all eight quests.

  • Swing from three different trees in a row using ODM gear – A World Without Walls loading screen
  • Search three Scout Regiment Footlockers – Eren’s Faceoff spray
  • Find the Jaeger’s family basement in Anvil Square – Basement Key back bling
  • Visit five Guard Towers – Scout Regiment Salute emote
  • Hit the nape of four different Titan Targets with ODM gear attacks – Titan Strike pickaxe
  • Hit seven opponents with ODM gear attacks or a Thunder Spear – Determined Eren emoticon
  • Destroy 50 structures with a Thunder Spear – Regiment Gear weapon wrap
  • Deal 300 damage to opponents while airborne – Banner Icon
  • Complete all eight quests – Eren Jaeger outfit

While you’re working on these quests, don’t forget to make the most of your Fortnite Augments, which are back for the new season, so check out the best ones to pick, and make sure you know how to hurdle in the multiplayer game, so you can get away from enemies in a flash, no matter what obstacles might stand in your way.