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How to do Fortnite hurdle over objects quests

The new Fortnite hurdle mechanic helps you get around easier, but is also required to complete the explorer quest to hurdle over objects

How to hurdle in Fortnite - a Fortnite looper with pink hair hurdles over a wooden build

You’ll need to know how to hurdle over objects in Fortnite in order to complete the new Chapter 4 Explorer quests. This new Fortnite mechanic means you don’t have to get stuck behind rocks or crates any more, and makes it a whole lot easier to get around the Fractured map – especially when combined with the existing mantle mechanic.

Fortnite’s regular events and seasons still keep players coming back, helping keep it among the best battle royale games. Most recently, it relaunched with a surprise new Chapter on December 4, following the huge Fractured event. Chapter 4 Season 1 features new collabs, including the likes of The Witcher’s Geralt and Deku from My Hero Academia, as seen in the cinematic trailer, as well as some game-changing new mechanics. One of those is hurdling objects, so you no longer have to be slowed down by obstacles.

How to hurdle in Fortnite

Hurdling in Fortnite is actually incredibly easy, and is even simpler than mantling. To hurdle over an object in Fortnite, just sprint towards it, and the hurdle action will happen automatically. Run up to it at normal speed, however, and you’ll find yourself hitting your head against a rock. At least you don’t need to press a button to action the hurdle though, unlike mantling.

Speaking of mantling, don’t get the two confused – mantling onto objects or buildings won’t count towards your hurdle quest. The difference is in the size of the object: hurdle over smaller objects, mantle onto larger vehicles or buildings.

So that’s how to mantle in Fortnite, one of the best free PC games available right now. Now, go forth sprinting and hurdling your way round the map like an Olympian, and surely you won’t stay in anyone’s crosshairs long enough to take a hit. If you find yourself running out of sprint energy too quickly then there’s a potion for that, so try the new Fortnite Slap Juice. Check out how to earn Fortnite augments as well, and which is the best one to choose for another burst of energy.