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Fortnite players are building classic Call of Duty levels for The Block

What was once Risky Reels is now The Block – a giant cement foundation that Epic is using to showcase the Fortnite community’s best creations. Some players have decided that it’s an invitation to bring their favorite Call of Duty levels into Fortnite’s battle royale mode.

Twitter user @JordanRogersUK built a Fortnite version of the perennial Call of Duty multiplayer map Nuketown, and tweeted a screenshot to Fortnite’s account.

“Spent at least 5 hours on it,” he said, when he’d finished the project.
Epic has encouraged players to tweet their best creative mode projects using the hashtage #FortniteBlockParty, and browsing the tag you can find a bevy of Call of Duty-inspired maps.

Nuketown seems to be the most popular CoD map for builders to recreate in Fortnite, which makes a certain amount of sense – it’s one of the franchise’s smallest multiplayer maps. But Fortnite players are also taking on Shipment, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

There’s no telling whether Epic will pick up any of these for the Block Party event, but it’s a fun project nonetheless – CoD’s maps look distinctively cheerier with Fortnite’s cartoony props and textures.

Here are a few attempts at Call of Duty maps:

And for good measure, here’s someone who’s made CS:GO’s Dust II:

If you’d like to submit a design for the Block Party, you’ll have to follow a few guidelines from Epic:

  • Build on a 25×25 tile flat area on your island to make sure things all fit on The Block
  • Keep “memory used” to less than 50,000
  • Don’t include chests, floor loot, or vehicle spawns – Epic will take care of that.

Once you’ve finished building, snap a screenshot and share it on social media with the #FortniteBlockParty hashtag.

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