Looks like Fortnite will get hats and custom map markers soon

Hats, custom map markers, and vehicle decorations all appear to be on the way for Fortnite

Fortnite is set to get hats, vehicle decorations, and maybe even custom map markers – assuming the latest datamines are on point. A new set of leaks has found some notable new strings in user inventory data, suggesting that a trio of new customization options are heading to the game. This isn’t quite a confirmation of the new features, but past datamines have had a pretty reliable track record in predicting future updates.

The data shows “favorite_hat,” “favorite_vehicledeco,” and “favorite_mapmarker” strings added to the game files, suggesting a new set of pages in the locker where you pick your prefered cosmetics. New pages, of course, suggest new types of cosmetics to unlock.

This info comes via siloxleaks on Twitter. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen suggestions of vehicle decorations in particular. An unrelated datamine a few weeks ago suggested that ATKs would have their own skin options, letting you pick how your golf karts – or maybe even your shopping carts – look in-game. Exactly how that might work remains unclear, since vehicles don’t spawn alongside you at the start of the game, as every existing cosmetic option does.

We also don’t really know how hats would work. Many existing Fortnite skins cover your outfit from head-to-toe, so if unchanged hats might just be perched on top of existing headwear. The potential update could mean that we’d see hats separated from existing skins, though I’m not sure any of us are prepared if that means we might see a headless Tomatohead.

At least a custom map marker option makes immediate sense, letting you add a little extra flavor when telling your squadmates where to go. If you’re still looking to build up your current battle pass, check out our guide to Fortnite season 5 week 4 challenges. Don’t feel to proud too ask for help.