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Fortnite leak reveals new cosmetic type for the battle royale game

A Fortnite leak has revealed a new cosmetic type is apparently coming from Epic to the battle royale game, though it's unlikely to be in chapter 3 season 5

Fortnite leak reveals new cosmetic type for the battle royale game. This image shows a Fortnite character with sunglasses in the sky.

A Fortnite leak has revealed a new cosmetic type could be coming to the battle royale game from Epic. We’re not expecting to see anything on this soon, but it could potentially turn up in Fortnite chapter 3 season 5 depending on how far in development this feature is.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has introduced a few new cool items and skins, but nothing completely new to the game. The Chrome is possibly the closest we’ve had this time around to something revolutionary, but even that will likely go away when Fortnite chapter 3 season 5 rolls around in a few weeks. This new leak suggests that an entirely new kind of cosmetic could be coming soon, and it sounds pretty intriguing.

Apparently, the new cosmetic type is called ‘Apparel.’ While there’s no description as to what that is, HypeX  has said that “Fortnite began working on a new cosmetic type recently called “Apparel”, and it looks like you’ll be able to equip multiple items of it.” Given that bit of information and the name, it’s pretty safe to assume that this means we’ll be getting clothes in the game.

It’s a little odd to imagine being able to chuck different bits of clothing onto skins you know and love, but HypeX is a very reliable source when it comes to upcoming features. Something that we will be interested to know is how limited this feature is. We’ve already got pickaxes and other bits locked to specific skins, and it’s hard to believe that such limiting restrictions will be unseen when it comes to different bits of clothing. Sure, we’d love to put a Naruto fan t-shirt on Luke Skywalker, but we can’t imagine it’ll be allowed.

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