Another superhero skin has been teased ahead of Fortnite season 4

Fortnite season four

Update, April 27: Epic Games have teased another skin for Fortnite season 4.

Epic Games revealed yesterday that Fortnite season four was pretty likely to have a superhero theme, with a tweet teasing what I think it’s safe to assume will be one of the new season’s reward skins. A second tweet has now revealed a second skin, and it’ll look pretty familiar to DC Comics fans.

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The tweet, which encourages players to “fight with honor” (who are they kidding?), also shows off a female character model who seems awfully reminiscent of Wonder Woman. Also, now that I look at the first character again, he reminds me a little of another of DC’s most famous heroes, The Flash. Obviously this is only speculation, but perhaps Epic have tied in with Warner Bros ahead of season four.

Original story, April 26:Fortnite’s fourth season will have a superhero theme. In an announcement on Twitter, Epic announced that season four is “coming soon.”

The announcement is pretty simple, but it does point towards what we might expect to see from the game’s next season. Most notable is the superhero who can be clearly seen on the right hand side of the announcement poster. If that’s not a hint as to the theme of this season’s battle pass, I don’t know what is.

Interestingly, there’s probably also another hint about the mysterious Fortnite comet. The whole poster is dominated by what looks an awful lot like a meteor streaking through the sky. Admittedly though, this could be yet another of Epic’s practical jokes – the image also bears some resemblance to a hero flying quickly through the air.

There’s no official word on when Fortnite Season 4 will actually arrive – season three is officially due to end on Thursday next week, but it’s possible Epic leave us an extra couple of days to finish off the Fortnite Week 10 challenges. Either way, it’s genius timing, as with the latest Avengers film out literally today, superheroes will probably be quite popular for the next few weeks. Speaking of, why not take a look at the best superhero games on PC.