Looks like Fortnite’s entire map will soon be covered in snow

Fortnite Season 7

Snow started to fall on Fortnite with the start of Season 7, but that was just on a small corner of the map. Now it looks like snow is coming to the entire map, so the battle royale is set to soon get even more wintry. Exactly how that’ll happen remains to be seen, but a newly leaked version of the map suggests things are getting a lot icier all over.

The new map was found in the game files after today’s update, and comes courtesy of leaker lucas7yoshi on Twitter. Right now, it’s only the southwestern corner of the map that’s been hit with snow, but this image shows winter conditions extending to every corner – including the desert. Notably, all the water still looks like water, so it doesn’t seem we’ll have any additional frozen lakes or rivers – most likely, this’ll be a cosmetic change.

Fortnite’s climate change seems to be working in mysterious ways. While this map suggests we’re getting a whole lot more snow soon, over on Polar Peak the stuff is melting to reveal the Ice King’s castle.

The latest leaks have brought us news of a whole bunch of upcoming additions – like trios and a New Year’s Eve party.

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14 Days of Fortnite begins tomorrow, and that’ll bring us a whole host of new challenges, items, skins, and events. Maybe it’ll be the catalyst for a whole lot more snow, too.

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