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Is Fortnite on Steam?

If you're loving Epic's battle royale game but also want to keep your PC games together, here's how to get Fortnite in your Steam library.

Fortnite Steam

Is Fortnite on Steam? As you might have noticed, you cannot find Fortnite on Steam as you would the vast majority of games. That’s unless you know this little trick we’re about to share with you.

Fortnite isn’t available on Steam as it is made by Epic Games, who have had their own game client since 2016, the Epic Games Launcher, where Fortnite is exclusively available. Not to worry, though, you can find out how to get Fortnite on Steam by using the ‘Add a Non-Steam Game’ function on the Steam platform.

How to get Fortnite on Steam

The first step in getting Fortnite on Steam is, well, opening Steam. In the bottom left corner you should see the ‘Add a Game’ button. Once you click you should see an option which reads ‘Add a Non-Steam Game’. Click that, then a new window will open in your web browser.

Your next job is to find the .exe file of Epic’s battle royale phenomenon in your file explorer. These tend to be quite easy to find as they use the game logos you are familiar with. Steam will offer suggestions of games it has found but, if you cannot find your Fortnite file in the list, it will usually be located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64.

Once you have found the Fortnite .exe file, click the tick-box next to the icon and then press the button that says ‘Add Selected Programs’. Now you should have Fortnite in Steam.

Now you’ve got easy access to Fortnite in Steam, it’s time to jump in and secure some wins – give yourself the competitive edge with our Fortnite tips and tricks, and look good at the same time sporting the best Fortnite skins. If you’re looking for more games to add to your Steam library with just a couple of clicks, look no further than our guide to the best free Steam games and check out the Fortnite system requirements to see if your PC can run it.