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The Fortnite Light Turret is the latest Funding Station winner

The new Fortnite Funding Station popped up yesterday and the vote has already been decided thanks to generous players - the Light Turret is coming

The Light Turret is the latest Fortnite Funding Stations win

Fortnite Funding Stations allow players to spend their gold bars to decide what items should return to the battle royale game, such as weapons making an appearance around the map. The previous vote had the MK-7 scoring a commanding victory over the Combat AR, and the latest sees the Light Turret defeating the Heavy Turret in a similarly overwhelming manner.

We actually saw these two battling it out over at Sanctuary a few weeks ago, but that time the Heavy Turret came out on top. This time around though, the Light Turret has triumphed and will be appearing near the Daily Bugle soon. You’ll be able to hop onto this anti-personnel weapon when it’s added to the map and use it to take out opposing players or the roaming enemy NPCs.

That’s not the only change going on though. Along with the item updates from yesterday and the downed blimp becoming the Daily Rubble, the Battle for Condo Canyon has also begun. Much like the fight between the Resistance and IO at the Daily Bugle over the last week, this sees players having to fend off waves of enemies to grab loot and help the cause. Huntmaster Saber is above the area too, still teleporting around and being a general nuisance.

This Fortnite season feels like it’s moving at a blistering pace, and between the battles, the blimps coming down, and the votes, it feels as though the community has more of a real-time effect on everything that’s going on than ever before. All we need to do now is wait for the Condo Canyon battle to be over, and we’ll likely see the blimp above it going down too. Hopefully, this one will land somewhere a little more exciting than the sea.

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