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Fortnite Slap Juice uses and locations

Fortnite Slap Juice is another new health potion to get your tongue round, and though it might not heal you as much as others, it gives you a boost of energy

Fortnite Slap Juice: A bottle of bright orange and yellow juice on a blue background

Looks tasty, doesn’t it? The new Fortnite Slap Juice adds to the already seemingly endless list of potions and items that offer some in-game bonus: Slurp Juice, Chug Splash, Shield Kegs, an assortment of fish… they all have their uses. Slap Juice, though, boosts a mechanic that was only introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 3 – sprinting.

Up there with the best free PC games thanks to its constantly changing mechanics, Fortnite added sprinting to allow you to dash across the map faster, be it running from opponents or escaping the encroaching storm. However, you can only sprint for a short time before needing to reload your energy bar. That’s where Fortnite Slap Juice comes in.

Fortnite Slap Juice berry: A juicy, bright orange and yellow berry on a blue background

Fortnite Slap Juice, Kegs, and Slap Berries

Fortnite Slap Juice can be found in bottles, barrels, and as berries. They will not only provide a boost to your health or shields but will also stop your energy bar from decreasing for a time, leaving you hyperactive enough to sprint and hurdle to your heart’s desire, without eating into your energy.

As you might expect, each type of Slap boost offers a different amount of health and energy, with berries giving the smallest amount, and bottles providing the biggest boost, but you can carry up to eight berries at a time. All three types boost your health if you need it or your shield if you have full health.

The amount of health or shield restored by Slap items is:

  • Berries – five health points or shields
  • Barrels – 10 health points or shields
  • Bottles – 25 health points or shields

Where to find Fortnite Slap Juice

Slap Juice can be found all over the Fortnite map in much the same way as you’d expect to find other potions and healing items – think chests, floor loot, and coolers. You can find berries growing in grassy areas across the north and west of the map. However, there’s one surefire place to stock up on slap items, and that’s where they’re made. Head to the Slap Juice factory at Slappy Shores, and you’ll find plenty of Slap Juice bottles, barrels, and juicy berries to keep that energy up.

Now chug that Slap Juice and get running. Being able to sprint for longer will help you as you learn how to hurdle in Fortnite, and can be combined with one of the best Fortnite augments to help you jump higher. If you want to move even faster still, then take a look at where to pick up a Fortnite Dirt Bike, and save your energy by taking your new wheels for a spin instead. Or you could take one of the many other battle royale games for a spin if you’ve had enough of Fortnite for the time being.