The Epic MetaHuman Creator turns Fortnite’s Jonesy into a real boy

Fortnite characters are well-known for their cartoony appearances and impossibly catchy dances and designs, but now we know what they'd look like in real life

Fortnite is a cartoony game, and that light and entertaining visual style is what allows for crossovers, like bringing in classic anime characters like Naruto et al and for designing comic book characters like Spider-Man. The absurdity is often the point – and now that we’ve seen Jonesy, one of the most integral Fortnite characters around, as a real human, we know why that’s for the best.

SirNerdly on Reddit decided to inflict this horror upon us all in a post titled “Weird but I put Jonesy through Epic’s Metahuman Creator.” We appreciate the full stop at the end of the title, good work. There are two angles of Jonesy, and both of them look like he’s trying to either sell you something, is a small-time crooner at a local bar, or is explaining why NFTs are good (they’re not).

Jonesy deserves better, but hey, maybe this is the truth of the man.  Epic’s MetaHuman Creator is a “free, cloud-streamed tool you can use to create your own digital humans in an intuitive, easy-to-learn environment. Using MetaHuman Creator, you can customize your digital avatar’s hairstyle, facial features, height, body proportions, and more.”

At least, that’s what it does according to the blurb on it. You can actually apply for access and make your own Fortnite nightmares if you want to.

The output from this software is genuinely very impressive and underscores the fact that realistic graphics rendering technology can achieve astounding results. However, we also think it serves as a good reminder of the fact that realistic graphics aren’t necessarily better. Can you imagine if Fortnite chose to go with this art style instead of what it has at the moment? It’d be horrendous.

In other Fortnite news, it looks as though the game will be getting a collaboration with the fantastic Dead by Daylight. We can’t wait to play as Peely when hunting people.