Fortnite Dragon Ball’s Kamehameha is the best new weapon in ages

Fortnite Dragon Ball's Kamehameha is a key part of the battle royale game's anime crossover, and whether you're Goku or Vegeta, it's a blast to use

TFortnite Dragon Ball's Kamehameha is the best new weapon in ages. Here's a picture of Goku doing the move in front of a Fortnite backdrop.

Fortnite Dragon Ball’s Kamehameha is easily one of the most fun new weapons we’ve had in the battle royale game. It’s a big part of the new Dragon Ball crossover, but the Fortnite Kamehameha is especially good fun because it feels like it flies in the face of a lot of the normal weapons, and it’s about pure unadulterated spectacle, instead of competitive balance.

The Dragon Ball event is easily our favourite one yet. With a plethora of cool things to do, the amazing new skins, and even the ability to watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super in-game, it’s not hard to understand why. However, as much as seeing Goku and co dancing away is fun, nothing quite compares to the joy of seeing 100 battle royale players scrambling for the Kamehameha at once, and it’s already led to some incredible moments.

Fortnite Kamehameha: Chun-Li is emitting Ki from her hands, producing apowerful Kamehameha wave. It is clashing with another Kamehameha wave.,

The Reddit is filled with good clips to watch from BigMekGaming pulling off a nifty Nimbus Cloud evade into an aerial takedown, Jec1027 being a part of a chaotic scene near Kame House, and even Salt-Abbreviations41 epic final showdown between Goku and Vegeta. It all feels fresh, and frankly, has us wishing there was an actual Dragon Ball battle royale game.

Of course, there are some legitimate concerns, like the fact that TheSevenFN basically one-shotted Darth Vader with the weapon, but right now, we’re just enjoying the Kamehameha for what it is — wild and overpowered. Fortnite’s been a fairly wonderful mash-up of every aspect of pop culture for a long time now, but the Kamehameha feels as though it’s elevated the power level way over…well, you know.

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