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Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover has a power level of over 9,000

The Fortnite Dragon Ball crossover has begun and it's a great time to fly around the battle royale game as some of the best anime characters ever

Fortnite and Dragon Ball are clashing. This image shows Goku and Vegeta in front of an orange background.

The Fortnite and Dragon Ball crossover is something we’ve all known about for a while now, but it’s finally here. Chapter 3 Season 3 has already had some of the best events going with more Naruto characters, Indiana Jones, and Darth Vader all making an appearance, but Goku and his friends are the most exciting yet.

It’s not been much of a secret, and we actually found out about Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus, who are three of the four skins last month, and if you read the article carefully, you’ll see that we also called that Bulma would be the final skin due to her constant presence across the Dragon Ball series.

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The crossover is a doozy, with just an absurd amount of stuff to do outside of just firing Kamehamehas at each other in the battle royale mode, which is one of the new items alongside the Nimbus Cloud. Along with the new characters and the bundles, you can complete different quests which are available up until August 30 to power up and unlock new items, even a Shenron Glider. Of course, we already have a guide to all the Fortnite Dragon Ball quests and every Power Unleashed challenge.

You can now opt into battles with other players using Versus Boards to declare each other as anime rivals and you can find Bulma in-game to buy items. You can even adventure around Dragon Ball-themed maps, and actually watch some episodes of Dragon Ball Super while in-game too. It’s a truly all-encompassing crossover, and you had better believe we’ll be powering up the moment we get access to Goku, the prime spiky himbo.

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