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Fortnite’s most popular emote is Laugh It Up, according to dataminer

Fortnite's most infuriating emote is also its most popular

Some of the skins in the current Fortnite battle pass - chances are, one of them has done a Laugh It Up in your direction

Fortnite‘s Laugh It Up emote is pretty infamous, since there’s nothing more infuriating than seeing it sarcastically deployed by an opponent when you get killed. It’s also the most-used emote in the game, according to a massive data collection effort covering thousands of in-game replays captured during the 17.10 patch.

Laugh It Up shows up in 15.9966% of the tracked matches, according to dataminer Lucas7yoshi’s report. That’s just ahead of Dance Moves at 15.9286%. The fact that these two emotes are so close in total usage is especially astounding when you consider that Laugh It Up costs Fortnite V-bucks, while Dance Moves is free, default emote.

There’s loads of other interesting data in the full breakdown. Notably, 8.9739% of players are using the free, default skins. The most popular paid Fortnite skin is Sunny, from the current battle pass. (My own favourite is Calamity, down at the 0.2% range. Yes, I feel very nice and special, thank you.)

You can check out the full report here.

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