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Fortnite NPC locations - all character items

A guide to locate all of the Fortnite NPCs in Chapter 4 Season 2, including who you can duel, who you can hire, and the items and weapons they sell.

Fortnite NPC locations - Scrapknight Jules is tending to her smithy in the medieval parts of Faulty Splits.

Fortnite NPC locations change every season, and more are added during the season, so it’s useful to know where you can find current characters in Chapter 4, Season 2. While some Fortnite NPCs stay put, others might be on rotation, so double-check below if there’s a particular character you’d like to see.

There are a few reasons you might want to find a Fortnite NPC location in the battle royale game, from hiring some help or buying one of the new Fortnite weapons, to generating a rift from out of nowhere. There’s a new hostile NPC to defeat too, but if you’re looking for someone a little more friendly, we have every NPC location marked on the Fortnite map, as well as a list of all of the special items or services you can buy.

Fortnite NPC locations map

With Chapter 4 Season 2 having only just started, we’re still gathering information, and will update this map as soon as we have discovered every NPC location. Each known Fortnite Mega NPC is still listed below, to get you off to a quick start to the season.

Here are all of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 NPC locations:

Fortnite NPCs locations - a map with pins showing the locations of all the Fortnite NPCs, and a pin with a skull showing the boss location.

  • CRZ-8 – northwest of Mega City, walking near the bounty board and sumo circle.
  • Evie – in the building south of Knotty Nets.
  • Neural Lynx – walking around the pagoda on top of the hill east of Mega City.
  • Thunder – walking along the coast of the island to the south of Steamy Springs.
  • Sunflower – outside the barn in the northern part of Frenzy Fields.
  • Garrison – on the beach in the southwest peninsula.
  • Longshot – on top of the scaffolding in the fort west of The Citadel.
  • Mizuki – at the top of the fort northeast of The Citadel.
  • P33ly – on top of the fort along the road east of Shattered Slabs.
  • Polar Patroller – inside the snow base west of the frozen lake, which is northeast of Anvil Square.
  • Remedy – inside the fort in the small medieval town close to a gas station. It’s west of Slappy Shores.
  • Stray – on the helipad in the northwest corner of Mega City.

Fortnite NPC items and special requests

Here is everything the current Fortnite NPCs offer:

  • CRZ-8 – Challenge CRZ-8 or purchase a key.
  • Evie – Tactical Pistol (Epic) and activate rift.
  • Neural Lynx – Twin Mag SMG (Epic) and small shield potion.
  • Thunder – Red-Eye Assault Rifle (Epic) and shield keg.
  • Sunflower – Havok Pump Shotgun (Epic) and give a large tip to the driver.
  • Garrison – Maven Shotgun (Epic) and hireable.
  • Longshot – hireable and Reveal Storm Circle.
  • Mizuki – Kinetic Blade (Epic) and Chug Splash.
  • P33ly – Combat Shotgun (Epic) and large shield potion.
  • Polar Patroller – Combat Shotgun (Epic) and hirable.
  • Remedy – Medkit and hireable.
  • Stray – Heavy Sniper Rifle and shield fish.

There are also some Triarch Nox NPCs, who only advise you to stay away from a nearby terminal and will strike you down with their Kinetic Sword if you choose to fight them. You can find these NPCs near where you find Neural Lynx on the hill east of Mega City and inside the base of Lonely Labs.

As for bosses, the only one around right now is Highcard. He and his two Wild Card goons will shoot anyone near their location on the road leading to the middle of Mega City. Highcard will drop the Highcard’s Havoc Suppressed Rifle (Mythic) and a Vault Keycard. The vault it opens is by the river in southeast Mega City, where you’ll find Havoc Pump Shotgun (Mythic) and several other treasures.

As with previous Fortnite seasons, as more NPCs come and go, we’ll update this list to reflect the changes. Now you know all this season’s current Fortnite NPC locations, items and services, why not try out a new gun or cloak yourself in a prop disguise? Speaking of disguises, some of the characters above might appear among the best Fortnite skins in the Item Shop, so find out how to get free Fortnite V-bucks to buy skins.