Fortnite map World of Deathrun is a seriously scary platformer

Fortnite's creative mode can be sued to create a vast array of different maps and experiences so some people choose to create pain

Fortnite map makes the battle royale a scary platformer: this creepy clown, leering down towards you, wants to make you suffer

Fortnite isn’t focused on platforming, not really. If you take a look at the best Fortnite maps and games, sure, there’s a plethora of cool parkour maps now that we can grab onto ledges, but it’s not the main focus. Sometimes people keep things happy, like with this Fall Guys-inspired map. However, that’s not stopped a lot of players from making platforming challenges that wouldn’t feel out of place in Celeste.

Map creator called LvLaime seems only to want people to suffer. We’re sort of joking, but you’d be forgiven for assuming they were a villain if you play their new creation, World of Deathrun – Summer Edition, because boy, oh boy is it tricky.

The map is a series of five levels, each of which challenges your jumping skills. While the video provides a slight overview, you’ve really got to actually play the map to get a feel for it all. Set alongside beautiful scenery, you have to make pixel-perfect jumps across logs, lily pads, and floating rocks if you want to make it all the way through.

For the completionists out there, you can also take on a few hidden quests across the levels as well. These include things like finding three llamas or feeding a hidden fox. Honestly, we struggled to make it past the first few obstacles in each course, so if you manage to complete every objective alongside all of the levels, then you have our undying respect. If you want to check the map out yourself, you can do so with the code 6883-9249-1168. And if you’re hungry for more trials and tests, you should check out our guide on Fortnite challenges in chapter 3, season 3. Some of these are tough, so you might also want to dig into our best weapons guide.

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