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Fortnite Marvel crossover could be incoming with new X-Men skin

Fortnite and Marvel could meet again in a new crossover from the X-Men, as a new X-23 skin may be coming to the battle royale game in chapter 3 season 4

New Fortnite Skin X-23. This image shows an old-school X-23.

A new Fortnite skin could be another crossover from the world of Marvel. The battle royale game has been getting a fairly steady influx of Marvel characters for a while now, with the next character potentially coming from the world of Iron Man, Wolverine, and the X-Men, in the shape of X-23.

Chapter 3 season 4 isn’t actually Marvel-themed, despite the appearance of the Hulk Buster Iron Man suit, and Spider-Gwen being a part of the battle pass this season. But it looks as though the next crossover could well be a version of Wolverine, although not one you might be familiar with.

While this character was created from Wolverine’s DNA, they end up as their own person in the form of X-23, or Laura Kinney. They’ve basically got all of the same powers, but they’ve got a completely different look in a lot of media.

The news comes via a leak from ShiinaBR, who tweeted that “A shop section called ‘X-23’ just got added to the API!” It’d be strange to label a shop section X-23 without it being a direct reference to the character themselves, so we reckon we could be getting the official announcement for the new Fortnite Skin pretty soon.

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