Fortnite’s new Naruto skins leak ahead of crossover

Fortnite’s new Naruto skins may have been spotted online, with Hinata and Gaara possibly heading to season three’s Rivals crossover event

The Naruto skins for Fortnite’s upcoming Rivals crossover event have potentially leaked online, and it could be that Hinata, Gara, and Itachi are all heading to the battle royale as part of season three.

Shiina, a Fortnite YouTuber partnered with Epic Games, revealed an apparent leak of the new skins on their official Twitter, sharing an image of a Japanese magazine cover with Hinata, Gara, Itachi, and Orochimaru from Naruto standing alongside the logo for Fortnite and the upcoming crossover event. Shiina also says that the leak has been confirmed by MidaRado, another Fortnite YouTuber and Twitch streamer partnered with Epic.

Adding credibility to the rumours, when Fortnite held its first Naruto crossover back in November 2021, the cosmetics and skins for that event were also leaked online, courtesy of the cover of a Japanese magazine. That leak, which showed Sasuke and Naruto alongside a banner for Fortnite, was later proved to be accurate when the characters did indeed arrive as new skins. It was shared by the Twitter user and Fortnite leaker Hypex.

Hypex has since shared the new leaks of the chapter three cosmetics uncovered by Shiina, further suggesting that they may be genuine.

The Naruto Rivals crossover event officially begins on June 23rd and although it is not yet clear whether Hintata, Gara, and company will be available to use as skins, you will be able to use the new grapple gloves, which have been added to the map inside Rave Cave, Greasy Grove, and elsewhere.

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And if Naruto isn’t your thing, you can still kit yourself out with a suspicious new backpack, courtesy of the Among Us collaboration which runs all the way until June 9th next year.