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Fortnite no swimming signs: where to swim for this week’s challenge

Break the rules for this week’s Fortnite overtime challenges

Fortnite no swimming signs

Want to know where to swim at Fortnite no swimming signs? While we’d ordinarily advise against breaking the rules, it seems the folks at Epic Games are challenging players to rebel against the signposts dotted around waterways in Fortnite for their latest set of Fortnite overtime challenges.

To complete this challenge – and hopefully add some slick new Fortnite skins to your collection in time for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 release date – you’ll need to find no Fortnite no swimming signs around the map and, er, swim near them. Raging against the machine just isn’t what it used to be.

Typically, a new set of Fortnite challenges tasks players with racking up elimination after elimination with different weapons, opening a variety of ammo stashes and loot chests, and landing in different locations. However, this week we’ve got some lengths to put in across the map, plus some dance moves to pop at the Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, Beach Bus, and Lake Canoe locations – so naturally we’re here to help you tick off these trickier challenges.

Fortnite no swimming signs locations

  • Northwest of Lazy Lake at the top of a waterfall
  • Northwest of Misty Meadows at the top of the dam

Fortnite no swimming signs map

And there you go, all the places you totally should swim at in spite of the obvious signage. Go break some rules.