Fortnite Rick and Morty leak could signal battle royale game crossover

A new Fortnite Rick and Morty loading screen leak could well mean we're on the cusp of a crossover in Epic's battle royale game and Fortnite chapter 4 season 1

Fortnite Rick & Morty leak could mean a new crossover is coming. This image shows a lot of Mr Meeseeks.

Another Fortnite Rick and Morty crossover could well be on the cards if this leak is true. The battle royale game from Epic is no stranger to the gross-out adult comedy, and we’ve already got a few characters running around as a result. However, it’s unusual for there to be a new loading screen for no reason, and it could also tie into the Fortnite Chapter 3 Fracture event, or maybe Fortnite chapter 4 season 1.

As you may already know, it looks as though the Fracture event could involve reality itself breaking down, at least based on a few different teasers we’ve had so far. A video from the Fortnite Twitter account showed Jonesy flitting between different versions of himself, and we’re now getting teasers in the client itself talking about how reality is going to need to be reforged. Well, this new loading screen shows off a multitude of Mr Meeseeks wreaking havoc on a burning version of the map.

Fortnite Rick & Morty leak could mean a new crossover is coming. This image shows an array of Mr Meeseeks and other Rick & Morty characters.

Given Rick and Morty’s propensity for mucking about with dimensions anyway, it would actually make a fair bit of sense for the Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 release date to kick off with some kind of crossover with the show. The last two seasons have had crossover skins in the battle pass; it could well be that the upcoming season has something similar.

If that does happen, we’re likely to hear about it ahead of time due to items being decrypted by people like ShiinaBR, who leaked this loading screen, and if we do, we’ll let you know as soon as we that happens. This could well be the new formula for each battle pass too, with a big crossover skin sitting at the end of every one of them.

As we’re nearing the end of this chapter, make sure you’ve gone ahead and polished off anything outstanding, like the Fortnite Herald quests. We’ve also got some Fortnite tips and tricks to peruse if you’re looking to sharpen your skills.