Fortnite Sheet Music location: where to find and play Sheet Music in Pleasant Park and Retail Row

Looking for the Fortnite Sheet Music to help you complete your week 6 challenges? Here’s where to drop for eight Battle Stars

Fortnite Sheet Music location

Where are the Fortnite Sheet Music location? If you’re a virtual maestro, or simply looking to complete all the Fortnite challenges you can, chances are you’ll be on the lookout for the Fortnite Sheet Music locations. Epic might consider this a toughie, but we’re here to help you out.

Typically you’ll have three free challenges and four extra ones if you’ve stumped up the change for the Battle Pass, and Fortnite’s week 6 challenges are no different. Since this Fortnite Sheet Music location challenge is a premium one, you’ll have to pay up for the pass to have the opportunity to tackle it.

But, on the plus side, this is a ‘hard’ challenge. In other words, you’re reward is eight Battle Stars after all the four stages, almost a complete Battle Pass tier to help you unlock even more amazing Fortnite skins and prizes. And, what’s more, we’re here to help you make this challenge an awful lot easier with this guide. Here are the Fortnite Sheet Music location.

Fortnite Sheet Music Location

This challenge is one of four stages for two Battle Stars each. Of the four stages you must find the Sheet Music in two of them and then play the relevant tune on the corresponding piano in the other two. There are only two pianos and two sets of Sheet Music. Below you’ll find the Sheet Music locations and the pianos for each.

Fortnite Sheet Music locations map

  • Pleasant Park Sheet Music (CEGEC): first floor of house with spider on the roof, by the front window.
  • Pleasant Park piano: on top of the mountains to the west
  • Retail Row Sheet Music (AEFEECA): in the eastern bookshop on the groundfloor
  • Retail Row piano: on the hills overlooking the east of this area

When you’re playing each tune, remember that you can have notes of various pitches. For instance, there’s a lower and a higher ‘A’ for the Retail Row Sheet Music, so pay close attention to the correct order and you’ll be a battle royale maestro before you know it.

And that’s everything we know about where to find the Fortnite Sheet Music in Fortnite. While you’re waiting for the definitive answer, why not crack on with the rest of your Fortnitemares challenges? The sheer number of PvE enemies you need to dispatch to get that Dark Engine glider will take time, so make sure you get them all done while you can.