Fortnite could be getting a new wave of KAWS skins

The sheer volume of Fortnite skins we've been getting recently would be overwhelming if it weren't for the absurd variety of it all

Fortnite isn’t just about dressing up your character, though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. With yet more Naruto characters in the item shop and even the likes of Spider-Man making an appearance, it’s easy to assume that the game is just a giant, nerdy wardrobe. It is, but it’s also one of the best battle royale games around, but that hasn’t stopped Epic from constantly setting up cool new skins for us all to wear.

It looks like we could be getting more KAWS skins this time around. KAWS, for those not in the know, is an American artist who Epic collaborated with to bring an art gallery online thanks to Fortnite Creative. The KAWS Skeleton is based on one of their art pieces and has four different colours to choose from, but that’s been the only KAWS skin to come out of the collaboration so far.

According to both Shiina and iFireMonkey on Twitter, though, it seems we’ll be getting more than just that one skin in the story at some point in the not-so-distant future, as Epic added a whole KAWS tab to the shop. While it could be possible that this means that just the one skin is returning, it seems far more likely that we’ll be getting some more in the KAWS line. A tab for just one skin feels very over-the-top, even by Fortnite’s standards.

We’ve no way of knowing what skin we’ll be getting if we do get anything new. But it seems more than likely that the new skin or skins will be based on the crying clown that’s currently the first thing you see when you go to KAWS’ website. We’re not sure we need a crying nightmare clown in our lives, but hey, what do we know? (That’s rhetorical, don’t answer that.)

Did you know that there was recently a really important update to Fortnite Creative? Well, you do now.