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Can you play Forza Motorsport split-screen?

All the details on whether you can play Forza Motorsport split-screen or not, or whether there is a local multiplayer mode in Microsoft's racing game.

Forza Motorsport split-screen: rear shot of a high-speed race.

Is there a Forza Motorsport split-screen mode? Racing games may usually begin with a single-player tutorial and a career mode that pits you against overly aggressive or unhelpfully strong AI, but the true longevity comes in the form of multiplayer. Few things are more adrenaline-inducing or satisfying than racing against other, real players in cars that are fun to drive but – most importantly – stay somewhat realistic in their behavior and performance. And that’s exactly what Forza Motorsport offers.

Our Forza Motorsport review explains that it leaves a little to be desired in the off-track experience, but when you’re behind the wheel, it’s up there with the best. While the best Forza Motorsport cars will get you across the line first, it’s even better if you’re racing against another human sitting right next to you in split-screen, something racing games are often famed for. So here are all the details on if there is a Forza Motorsport split-screen mode.

Forza Motorsport split-screen: driver's seat view of a race.

Forza Motorsport split-screen mode explained

Unfortunately, there is no Forza Motorsport split-screen mode for either the game’s PC or Xbox versions. This was confirmed during a livestream in August by creative director at Turn 10 Studios Chris Esaki.

Esaki explained “our heavy investment in pushing our new graphical features and our complete overhaul of the rendering engine unfortunately made splitscreen really difficult to implement, and it’s also not going to be in for launch.”

Now, reading between the lines, he’s said “it’s not going to be in for launch”, so it could come to the game later down the line. However, there is no guarantee of that. Neither Turn 10 nor Microsoft has said anything further on the matter, but it does mean he hasn’t ruled it out completely.

Alongside the lack of split-screen, two more multiplayer features are missing that pertain to online play: AI competitors to make up places in the race and a spectate mode. The former makes sense, as your Forza safety rating is a huge component in multiplayer, as it is in most other online racing games. And it also makes sense that a dedicated spectate mode wouldn’t be available since places in the match need to be reserved for actual drivers.

However, as we mentioned in our review, you can’t even spectate at the end of a race if you cross the line before other drivers. This makes the end of the race a tad dull and is a bit of a letdown. Nevertheless, that is all we know about Forza Motorsport split-screen so far in what is one of the best PC games for race fans, but certainly not the best. Naturally, one thing is does do well is the Forza Motorsport tracks, so take a look at the full list for more details.