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Paradox’s free-form answer to Satisfactory has entered early access

Foundry combines the blocky, procedural worlds of Minecraft with Satisfactory's conveyor belts and automation, and you can play it today.

If you’ve ever spent hours trying to get an elaborate redstone contraption working in Minecraft, Foundry may be up your alley. It’s a first-person game about crafting and automation, similar to Satisfactory, but with even more freedom to create your own intricate production pipelines and mechanisms. It’s now available on Steam in early access.

Foundry scratches that “chaotic organization” itch that other automation building games like Factorio and Satisfactory do, but it adds in some of Minecraft’s blocky charm and boundlessness. Just like in Minecraft, you’ll start out having to gather resources and crafting materials by hand, digging into the dirt and rock with your robot’s trusty drill.

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Before long, however, you’ll be finding ways to automate just about everything, and it’s possible to create gigantic factories capable of handling all your resource extraction and refinement. To help out, you’ll call down a friendly spheroid robot pal named C3-BB who will assign quests and tasks to get things started. However, the real draw in Foundry is coming up with wild plans on your own and seeing whether you can actually make them work.

Publisher Paradox Interactive says Foundry has drawn over 100,000 players between its itch.io alpha and the Steam Next Fest demo, and there’s already a great selection of Foundry creator videos available on YouTube.

Foundry is available on Steam.

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