Diablo style co-op shooter From Space has a Steam demo to try

A Diablo-style spin on Men in Black and XCOM, From Space features co-op alien-blasting for squads of up to four players, and it's a goofy good old time

From Space Steam demo: A brown-haired character aims a pistol at a horde of blocky pink aliens with glowing mouths

Grab a friend and head on down to the Steam Next Fest to get a taste of a load of upcoming PC games. You can even try a bunch of them out, including the Diablo-style co-op game From Space, which swaps out demonic hordes for pink horrors from outer space.

Normally when we use the term ‘pink horrors,’ it’s because we’re planning a siege in Total War: Warhammer III, but this gang of beasties has never heard of Tzeentch. The aliens have arrived, they’re clogging up the sewers, roads, and parking lots of rural America, and it’s up to you (and potentially up to three friends) to tactically remove them from the AO.

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This involves blasting them with a variety of upgradeable weapons and gadgets you’ll find as you explore From Space’s cheerfully rendered map. Since this is an alien invasion in the United States, things start off in a trailer park before moving underground to the sewers.

While the alien menace is uniformly pink, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes: there are crawlers who, er, crawl at you; hoppers that have evolved into the shape of toads, and larger brawler-type aliens who’ll swing the business end of a stop sign at you. These aliens aren’t overly gross – From Space’s visual style is bright and cartoony, and the aliens all look like neon pink variations on Domo-kun.

You can go it alone, of course, but it’s more fun to invite friends along. Radio sets located in From Space’s safe zones pull up your Steam friends list, so it’s easy to send invites out to anyone else who has the game.

The From Space release date is set for November 3, but you can play the multiplayer demo now for free. You might also want to check out our list of the best space games if you get the hankering to explore the great beyond.