This Dark Souls gaming PC is grossly incandescent

This custom gaming PC reflects its creator’s love for Dark Souls, featuring an Nvidia RTX graphics card and several nods to the renowned RPG game series

Dark Souls gaming PC build with Knight Artorias figure and Mimic

A gaming PC enthusiast has expressed their love of Dark Souls with a sweet build that reflects FromSoftware’s beloved genre-defining gothic games. If you fancy honouring the hard-as-nails series, perhaps by kneeling down and praising the sun or something, then check out this rig.

Reddit user ObbiK has uploaded a series of photos of their first-ever custom PC, which sports some instantly recognisable aspects from Dark Souls 3. The side panel depicts The Chosen Undead, and a number of figurines adorn the interior of the machine, specifically Knight Artorias and a Mimic. Probably the coolest thing about this build is the little gaming vignette of the Onion Knight Siegmeyer of Catarina and Solaire chilling out by a campfire.

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According to the specs, this setup has an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and an Nvidia RTX 2060 graphics card, so it’s a decent build, but probably not the best gaming PC around by today’s standards. However, it’s the fact that it encapsulates Dark Souls that makes it stand out, with the sword motif next to the fans and the moody lighting, not to mention the aforementioned boss, really selling the punishing factor of the dark RPG.

While the images posted to Reddit by ObbiK are enough to do the project justice, there’s an accompanying YouTube video that reveals the build process. The video isn’t in English, but that doesn’t detract from seeing the rig coming together.

It’s a pretty solid testament to the community that so many gaming PC fanciers continue to show their custom systems. From the PS5-size sleeper build to one that’s a love letter to a Doom final boss, it’s a tight-knit gathering of like-minded individuals who show that a PC doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiring.