Gaming PC modder transforms old laptop screen into case display

A gaming PC modder has mashed together an old laptop screen with a modern rig, providing its innards with a build-in gaming monitor

Gaming PC mod with laptop screen inside sitting next to gaming monitor

A gaming PC modder has come up with a recycling solution for your old laptop, and it involves sticking its screen inside your rig. The mod essentially sticks a display behind the tempered glass window of your PC case, transforming it into a sort of gaming monitor hybrid.

Created by Reddit user MikelIttoriz, the gaming PC laptop screen mashup mod is pretty much what you’d expect. While the idea sounds slightly absurd, photos of the build demonstrate a practical use, as the internal panel makes for a great way to display system stats like CPU temperature.

This PC case screen mod may appear complex, yet, it’s actually easier than you think to repurpose an old laptop screen as a monitor. Providing you can successfully salvage a panel from an old portable powerhouse, you can pair it with a driver board that adds power input and HDMI output. We wouldn’t advise tearing up the best gaming laptop just to make a custom display, but if you’ve got an old machine gathering dust in your cupboard, this might be a great way to keep it away from your local landfill.

If you like to manage cables inside your gaming PC, adding a laptop panel into the mix might not appeal to you. The residual heat from the display itself might also contribute to overall rig temperatures, especially if you’re not using the best CPU cooler. That said, MikelIttoriz’s mod looks to be a great way to add something flashy to your case without forking out for one of those AIO setups with a tiny screen or a Raspberry Pi.