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Generation Zero patch adds a new base assault mode

Another big patch for open-world shooter Generation Zero arrives today, introducing new unique, procedurally generated FNIX bases for players to storm

Generation Zero’s second major patch of the year has arrived, and it introduces an all-new system to the open-world co-op game. Having adapted and learned since first appearing, and now they’re building new fortified bases in the forest region that are full of traps, mines, and deadly FNIX reinforcements.

Each base assault is unique, with destructible walls and a layout of hazards that evolves as you increase the threat level in the area. Cause enough trouble in a region, and the local FNIX base will beef up security, making your assault more challenging.

The rewards are worth it, though. Capturing FNIX bases rewards you with command tokens, and you can use these to convert control point locations to the resistance. Developer Systemic Reaction says using these will open up seven new control points in the forest region where you’ll be able to build up to four resistance bases. However, you’ll want to choose your locations carefully, since they’re vulnerable to attack by FNIX forces and you’ll need to protect them in the new base defence missions that also arrive in today’s patch.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The update also includes some new Soviet-themed structures to build in your bases, like a pillbox, a guardhouse, various walls, and a ‘decorative’ equipment crate. You’ll also notice that the marshlands region has gotten freshened up with a revamp that adds additional detail and variation.

Finally, the Base Assault update includes two new side missions that deal with the Matryoshka collectibles that were introduced in the Landfall update earlier this year.