Genshin Impact Ayato release date

Learn everything you need to know about Kamisato Ayato, the head of the Kamisato Clan and the Yashiro Commissioner


Want to know more about Ayato, the head of the Kamisato Clan coming to Genshin Impact? Kamisato Ayato is the Yashiro Commissioner and one of the new Genshin Impact characters. Although there are not many details on Ayato, we do know he is Ayaka’s older brother and is also pals with Thoma.

When Ayaka and Ayato’s parents passed away, Ayaka became the forefront of the Kamisato Clan, while Ayato worked within the government. He also leads the Shuumatsuban, the ninja organisation that Sayu belongs to. We haven’t seen much of Ayato around Inazuma, as he tends to operate behind the scenes – many Genshin Impact characters comment on Ayato’s skills as a fighter, as well as his busy schedule as head of the Kamisato Clan.

In keeping with his position as head of a secret ninja organisation, Ayato is a pretty secretive character, so while we’ve only been treated to glimpses of his character throughout Genshin Impact so far – here’s everything we’ve managed to glean about Ayato. Although we know of Ayato’s existence in Genshin Impact, he hasn’t yet been announced by Mihoyo, and this guide is based on datamined information.

Genshin Impact Ayato backstory

Ayaka comments on her brother’s busy schedule; an in-game thought reads, “As the head of the Kamisato Clan, brother always has a full schedule of places he needs to be. I do try my best to share his load, but there is no changing the pressure he is subjected to all year round, and the toll it takes upon him. If you see him, remind him to take care of himself, for his sister’s sake…” Both Thoma and Sayu also have voice lines that imply Ayato is a busy character, caught up in government affairs.

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He is, however, well regarded, and while he has a tough position to manage, as Thoma says, “public disquiet on one hand and a bunch of self-serving, degenerate public officials on the other”, he does involve himself in Tri-Commission affairs, but is excused due to his loyalty. We’re also unsure of what weapon Ayato wields, but he has said to be both proficient in the polearm and sword. Twitter user UBatcha mentions his avatar data is tagged as “Avatar male sword” but points out this could be a placeholder weapon.

Ayato has been datamined alongside another character from Inazuma, Heizou, who belongs to the Tenryou Commission, led by Kujou Sara.

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Genshin Impact Ayato banner release date

We don’t know when Ayato’s banner is coming to Genshin Impact, but it’s unlikely it will be in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, which is rumoured to feature both Shenhe and Yun Jin.

That’s everything we know about Ayato in Genshin Impact. Itto and Gorou are coming to the next Genshin Impact banner, which could see a buff to the Geo element and a shake up of our Genshin Impact tier list.

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