Genshin Impact Baal banner and abilities

Who is the Electro Archon in Genshin Impact?

Baal holding up a sword in Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact Electro Archon was finally revealed in the 2.0 livestream event, and will be joining the list of NPCs hailing from Inazuma in the Genshin Impact 2.0 update.

Baal, also known as Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon, and the God of Eternity (just to confuse matters) is the leader of Inazuma and commands an army, led by another new character, Kujou Sara. Baal believes in achieving divine eternity, and to that end, Visions should be harvested and inlaid to the statue of the Thousand-Armed, Hundred-Eyed God. There are a few story spoilers ahead, so avert your gaze now.

Although Baal is a formidable character, there are other characters in Inazuma prepared to help you, including Gorou, the leader of the resistance, as well as new Genshin Impact characters: Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu. You do have a run-in with Baal in the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act II, our Baal Boss fight guide can help you out with that one.

When is Baal coming to Genshin Impact?

Baal arrives as an NPC in the 2.0 update, although she isn’t a playable character just yet. The latest beta branch of Genshin Impact has revealed that the Raiden Shogun is coming to the Genshin Impact 2.1 update on September 1, 2021. Baal is a five-star Electro polearm user – if you’re wondering where her signature sword is, she uses it during her Elemental Skill.


Here are all of Baal’s leaked abilities according to the information on Honey Hunter World.

Normal Attack: Origin

  • Normal attack: Perform up to five consecutive spear strikes
  • Charged attack: Consumes some stamina to perform an upwards slash
  • Plunging attack: Attack while in mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging any enemies in your path and dealing area of effect damage upon impact

Elemental Skill: Transcendence – Baleful Omen

Baal unveils a shard of her Euthymia, dealing Electro damage to nearby opponents, and granting nearby party members the Eye of Stormy Judgment buff.

The Eye of Stormy Judgment tracks party members, unleashing a coordinated attack alongside your active character. This attack deals area of effect Electro damage at the enemy’s position. The eye can attack once every 0.9 seconds per party.

Elemental Burst: Secret Art – Musou Shinsetsu

Baal unleashes an area of effect Electro attack and attacks using her Musou Isshin sword for a short period of time. The amount of damage dealt using these attacks is determined by the number of resolve stacks Baal has while the skill is active.

The Musou Isshin infuses all of Baal’s normal attacks with Electro – this effect cannot be overridden. Attacking enemies with the sword regenerates energy for all nearby party members. Energy can be restored this way every second, however, the effect can only be triggered five times throughout the duration of the skill. While using Musou Isshin, Baal’s resistance to interruption is increased, and she becomes immune to Electro reaction damage.

A secondary effect, Shogun Byakugen no Rin becomes active when party members use their elemental bursts near Baal. She builds up resolve based on the amount of energy party members consume. The maximum amount of resolve stacks is 60.

Baal Passive Talents

  • Wishes Unnumbered: When nearby party members gain elemental orbs or particles, Shogun Byakugen no Rin gains two resolve stacks. This effect can occur once every three seconds
  • Enlightened One: Each 1% above 100% energy recharge that Baal possesses grants her 0.6% greater energy restoration from Mosou Isshin, and 0.4% Electro damage bonus.
  • All-Preserver: Spend 50% less Mora when ascending swords and polearms

Baal Constellations

  • Ominous Inscription: Shogun Byakugen no Rin gathers resolve even faster. When Electro characters use their elemental bursts, Baal gains 80% more resolve. Any other elemental types gain an additional 20% resolve
  • Pledge of Propriety: When the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Mosou Shinsetsu expires, all party members except Baal receive 30% bonus attack for ten seconds
  • Shinkage Bygones: Increases the level of Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Steelbreaker: While in the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Mosou Shinsetsu, Baal’s attacks ignore 60% of enemy’s defense
  • Shogun’s Descent: Increases the level of Transcendence: Baleful Light by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Wishbearer: While in the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Mosou Shinsetsu, Baal’s normal, charged, and plunging attacks decrease all party members’ elemental burst cooldowns by one second when they hit opponents. This effect doesn’t apply to Baal herself, and the effect can only trigger once per second (up to five times during the state’s duration).

We’ll be sure to update this guide with a release date for Baal’s banner, as well as any information we glean from the 2.1 update livestream. In the meantime, here are the best characters in our Genshin Impact tier list and free primogems from the latest Genshin Impact codes.

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