Genshin Impact targets more Discord leakers with new DMCA notices

More Genshin Impact leakers find themselves in hot water as the anime RPG's publisher, Cognosphere, continues to issue DMCA takedown notices

Genshin Impact targets more Discord leakers with new DMCA notices: anime girl with blue hair sitting at a desk

Genshin Impact publisher Cognoshpere is once again taking legal action in an attempt to put a stop to leaks, filing several DMCA subpoena applications targeting Discord servers and specific individuals within them. Cognosphere took similar action against well-known leaker ‘Ubatcha’ just last month, with the latest notices arriving as new content is expected in the anime game in the near future.

Late in 2022, Cognosphere sought to uncover Ubatcha’s identity while also issuing warnings to the ever-popular Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord server.

Now, the publisher’s first DMCA notice specifically mentions “原神内鬼爆料区 (Genshin Impact Leakers’ Group)” and a Discord user who goes by the name ‘Linxian#0001.’ This user has allegedly shared several leaked screenshots to Discord, and Cognoshpere wants the content removed.

Three other DMCA notices target the House of Daena Discord server in the same fashion as the first. The server hosts just under 24,000 members, but three specific leakers have been singled out: ‘LJ.#8200,’ ‘M9G#3656,’ and ‘rice cooker#9289.’

Just as it did with Ubatcha, Cognosphere’s new subpoenas for these leakers require Discord to provide “name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), and IP address(es), or other information” to help uncover the leakers’ identities. The news of the subpoenas was reported initially by TorrentFreak.

HoYoverse has repeatedly proven that it won’t hesitate to go after leakers, cheaters, and others when it comes to its anime RPG. Genshin Impact cheat makers received jail time just last year, and beta test leakers were banned and fined back in version 2.5.

Genshin Impact version 3.4 goes live in less than a week, but unreleased Fontaine characters have potentially already been revealed ahead of version 4.0.