Looks like Genshin Impact’s next update includes a new region

Dataminers have been digging into Genshin Impact's next update, and have found several mentions of a new region called Enkanomiya

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Genshin Impact might be expanding to a new region soon. While the anime game’s 2.3 update has only just gone live this week, dataminers have dug up details on Genshin Impact’s next update, with what seems to be a new region called Enkanomiya appearing frequently.

In a “quick overview” of update 2.4, Genshin Intel shares on Twitter that Enkanomiya will be a part of it. Project Celestia adds that this is a new region that will feature an “alternating time cycle between Evernight and Whitenight that reveals different appearances of environments and mechanisms”. Reportedly, there are a total of nine subareas in Enkanomiya. They also remind fans that this is all subject to change as it’s based on an update 2.4 beta.

Another reliable dataminer called Ubatcha shares that switching between the two cycles is manual and that there are multiple places around the map you can travel to if you want to switch between the two freely. “I’ve seen no indication of it naturally switching,” they add. “However, it’s entirely possible it could be locked behind a quest.”

As always, keep in mind that Mihoyo hasn’t revealed the new region, so it could be pushed to a later update or changed entirely.

What we do know, though, is that we’re likely to get two new characters called Shenhe and Yun Jin. Mihoyo took to Twitter to share details on the pair, which typically means they’re destined to appear in the game’s next update. In this case, that would be update 2.4.

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There have been other datamines, too, with mentions of Ningguang and Keqing getting new skins alongside Ningguang and Yun Jin getting hangout events. Once again, these haven’t been confirmed, so set your expectations accordingly.

If you’re curious what Genshin Impact events are coming in the current update and beyond, you can follow that link.