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Genshin Impact’s Ningguang and Keqing might be getting new skins in update 2.4

The popular anime game could also be getting hangout events for Ningguang and Yunjin

Keqing performing one of her best moves in Genshin Impact

It looks like two Genshin Impact characters are getting skins in the next update. While update 2.3 – Shadows Amidst Snowstorms, if you know your stuff – has just been released, it’s typically around this time that dataminers dig in to see what’s coming to Genshin Impact in the future.

Genshin Intel shares on Twitter that Ningguang and Keqing are getting skins in update 2.4. Details past that are thin on the ground, though it’s not the first time we’ve seen a Genshin Impact character get some new duds. Jean and Barbara got summer-themed skins when update 1.6 launched earlier this year. If things remain unchanged, getting the new Ningguang and Keqing skins should be a breeze. You’ll either be able to buy them from an outfit store for a flat fee or earn them through event rewards.

Genshin Intel also shares that update 2.4 may include hangout quests for Ningguang and Yunjin, reruns of the Lantern Rite and Windtrace festivals, and an alchemy event with Timaeus. None of these have been revealed by Mihoyo, though. So keep that in mind, as updates can change before they’re officially revealed.

Until then, though, plenty is going on in Genshin Impact’s 2.3 update. Albedo and Eula are currently getting banner reruns, but Itto and Gorou are joining the fight in December. You’ve also got the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event, which is basically about building a snowman in exchange for goodies.

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Ningguang and YunjinAside from that, you’ve also got a story quest for Itto, hangout events with Beidou and Gorou, and a new device that lets you capture animals in the overworld and bring them back to your Serenitea Pot. Yup.

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