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Genshin Impact GeForce Now version brings Teyvat to Mac and Chromebook

Genshin Impact on GeForce now lets Chromebook and Mac users experience the open-world RPG without having to jump through hoops - though it may cost you

HoYoverse is bringing Genshin Impact to GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud-streaming service, on June 23. If you fancy a bit of anime RPG but don’t have the specs or space for an ever-expanding live service game, then your worries are over now – assuming you have a stable and fairly fast internet connection, that is. The Shanghai developer is making the GeForce now version of Genshin Impact available in 80 different countries and regions, and it’s compatible with Mac and Chromebook, along with Windows PC. The goal is making it easier for anyone to play Genshin Impact, following a successful beta test on the platform earlier in 2022.

“We believe that GeForce NOW makes it possible for both existing fans to expand where and how they play, and for new players to start with more options,” HoYoverse’s vice president of globalization, Wenyi Jin, said in the announcement.

HoYoverse also said the GeForce Now version of Genshin Impact is the full game, which means it includes all the content added since the RPG launched in September 2022. presumably it will continue being updated with future content as well, including the upcoming version 2.8 patch and the brand-new region of Sumeru slated to release sometime later in 2022.

It’s worth noting that if you want to play for more than one-hour sessions at a time, you’ll actually have to pay to play the free-to-play game. GeForce’s free plan only allows one-hour sessions before booting you out and making you queue up again, though you can start as many sessions in one day as you like.

Less restricted  access requires subscribing to the platform. The basic membership tier is $9.99 per month and gets you better performance, visuals of higher quality, and six-hour sessions. Nvidia locks the best performance and access to its RTX 3080 rig behind a higher tier, with a $19.99 monthly fee.

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