Genshin Impact streamer causes a scene by playing 3.0 beta on Twitch

Version 3.0 is on its way soon, so leaks have been coming nonstop for weeks now. However, one Genshin Impact streamer took things one step further on Twitch.


Genshin Impact fans are no strangers to leaks, but even they were surprised to see a streamer playing the closed beta for Genshin Impact 3.0 on Twitch for everyone to watch. The streamer’s name is Mordex, and they managed to stream about three hours of unreleased content before everything came to an end.

During the stream, Mordex explored Sumeru, showing off content that fans should not be able to see just yet. As expected, the Twitch VOD for the stream is now gone, along with any and all clips that viewers made. Though, of course, many took to Twitter to speak on the incident, sharing both approval and disapproval, as well as a general concern for what could happen next — Mordex could face channel deletion or even legal action, depending on HoYoverse’s response.

HoYoverse is no stranger to dealing with leaks, and they’ve had to face similar situations just before Inazuma was released in version 2.0. It’s unclear whether or not Mordex signed an NDA to gain access to the closed beta, but the streamer doesn’t seem to be as worried as you’d expect, judging from their recent tweets.

The tweet, posted after the end of the stream, roughly translates to this: “I just finished the best stream I’ve ever done in my life, I couldn’t have had a better time.” There are also newer tweets indicating that Mordex will upload a video to YouTube with than an explanation for the situation, for those who want a follow-up.

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For now, while you wait, you’re still able to check out the newest official trailer for Sumeru if you want a clearer look at the upcoming region. HoYoverse has also revealed more playable characters that’ll arrive when players finally step foot in Sumeru after the update.