Get buff: 50 percent XP bonus in Diablo 3 lets you prepare for Reaper of Souls

Prepare for Reaper of Souls with Diablo 3 50 percent XP bonus

With Reaper of Souls dropping on March 25th, you’ll probably want to prepare. Beyond cancelling any engagements and thinking up excuses to avoid responsibilities from that Tuesday onwards, I mean. To lend a helping hand, Blizzard’s instituted a temporary 50 percent XP bonus in Diablo 3, the lovely devils. 

This should help you out as you work through the new Paragon Levelling System added in 2.0.1, which kicked off last week along with Loot 2.0, where all of your characters can contribute to an account-wide Paragon level.

Tim’s already been making the most of it, and Nick’s told me he’s jumping in tonight, so you might as well join them. You’ve got plenty of time, though. The bonus XP will continue until March 24th, just before Reaper of Souls arrives.

If you’re yet to be sold on Diablo 3’s upcoming expansion, let Nick and Tim give you the skinny.