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Ghostrunner 2 update fixes game-breaking enemy spawning bug

A Ghostrunner 2 update on Steam has arrived, resolving a game-breaking enemy spawning bug and improving keybinds, localization, and FOV.

Ghostrunner 2 - A mechanic holds up a drill with one hand, staring at you intently.

The first Ghostrunner 2 update is already here on Steam and Epic, bringing some very welcome improvements to the pulse-pounding first-person platforming action game. If you’ve been bounding through the streets of Dharma City to its gorgeous synthwave soundtrack, but found your experience unfortunately impeded by enemies not appearing or other inconveniences such as FOV issues or being unable to keybind abilities correctly, then you may be in luck.

Our Ghostrunner 2 review digs into the cyberpunk slasher, which in true form has grappled its way into our hearts at the end of the year to pose a legitimate threat for the game of the year season. Unfortunately, some players have run into game-breaking bugs at certain points through the stylish parkour game. Thankfully, this initial set of Ghostrunner 2 patch notes has arrived for PC players, and developer One More Level lists out several key fixes including the most notable progression blocker.

The glitch in question happens during the game’s tenth level, Winds of the Desolate. After a bike sequence, players find the exit doors locked with no way to open them, and no enemies spawn in. Those who have encountered this bug report that restarting and even reinstalling the game doesn’t fix the progression lock, but fortunately, One More Level reports that it has now been resolved, so hopefully you should be able to resume your playthrough.

Also included in the update are improvements to the localization and to keybindings, as well as a fix for FOV issues that were being encountered by people using ultrawide displays, and bug-breaking interactions with pullable walls. The full patch notes are listed below.

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Ghostrunner 2 patch notes – Saturday, October 28, 2023

Here are the latest Ghostrunner 2 patch notes courtesy of One More Level:

  • Key Binding improvements.
  • Localization Improvements.
  • Fixed enemy spawning issue during Winds of the Desolate.
  • Fixed FOV issues on ultrawide displays.
  • Fixed pullable wall bug.

If you’ve yet to leap in for yourself, be sure to run past the Ghostrunner 2 system requirements first to check your compatibility. We’ve also got the lowdown on Ghostrunner 2 Steam Deck compatibility and the best settings to use for optimal performance on Valve’s handheld.