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This 9/10 multiplayer game is free for the weekend, with a 67% sale

Golf With Your Friends is delightfully chaotic multiplayer, and you can try it this weekend as a free game on Steam, with a big discount if you want to keep it.

Golf With Your Friends - A mini-golf course featuring a skull with many tentacles.

Golf With Your Friends is holding a free weekend on Steam, making it the perfect time to gather your friends together for a round or two. One of the most delightfully chaotic multiplayer games, Golf With Your Friends twists one of the most mundane sports into hilarious, high-octane action, so don’t miss your chance to try it for free. There’s even a deep discount for those of you who decide you want to keep playing it.

Golf With Your Friends is not your typical golf game. In fact, it’s so removed from the original thing that calling it golf almost feels disingenuous. Yet get a group of like-minded pals together and this is unquestionably one of the most fun multiplayer games you’ll lay hands on. Forget a quiet nine holes on a Sunday afternoon; Golf With Your Friends is tantamount to an all-out brawl on a minigolf course with 11 other people that ends with all involved barred for life.

The key hook here is that players in Golf With Your Friends take their turns simultaneously, meaning the course rapidly descends into a mess of balls flying absolutely everywhere. There are several different mini-golf-style themed courses to choose from, each with its own unique mechanics. So you’ll have to contend with all the usual tricks, traps, and assorted chicanery that you’d expect from a good mini-golf session, but all while contending with your friends’ balls.

Power-ups give you the option to freeze the other players’ balls, turn them into cubes to throw off their aim, or dump sticky honey unceremoniously onto the course – something that almost certainly will see you ejected from your local real-life establishment, but is much more viable in the digital realm. There are even bonus basketball and hockey modes if you fancy a more unique challenge. Trust me: once Golf With Your Friends gets its hooks into you, you won’t want to stop playing.

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Golf With Your Friends is free to play on Steam through Sunday, October 8. If you decide you like it, the game is also 67% off until Thursday, October 12 – expect to pay $4.94 / £3.62. You get access to the twelve base courses, and several of the DLC bundles are also on sale for 20% off if you’re interested in extras, including the Corrupted Forest course and Bouncy Castle course. Head here to try it out for yourself.

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