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How to get more Granblue Fantasy Relink Crewmate Cards

You'll want to know how to procure more Crewmate Cards if you're planning to add the 12 additional Granblue Fantasy Relink characters to your team.

How do you get more Crewmate Cards in Granblue Fantasy Relink? As soon as you see the character recruitment window, you’ll be dying to know how to add the whole lot to your roster. One simply isn’t enough, but little vendor Siero really will tease you with just the singular Crewmate Card. Need more? Keep reading. We’ll break down the people and places holding them from you.

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How to get more Crewmate Cards in Granblue Fantasy Relink

You’ll get your first Granblue Crewmate Card as soon as Siero opens up the Crewmate Recruitment service of her Knicknack Shack. After that, you’re largely on your own. With 12 characters to unlock through Crewmate Cards, you’ll have 12 cards to find.

To get more Crewmate Cards, just keep completing campaign quests. Every time the story takes a dramatic turn, Siero will toss you another Crewmate Card under the guise of hiring a character that might help turn the tide of battle. You’ll hear her beckon you over in town when this is the case, and she’ll hand it over before you can resume shopping. You can’t really miss these.

A screenshot showing a quest used to obtain Crewmate Cards in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

For more Crewmate Cards, you’re going to want to complete certain Quest Counter missions. Again, these largely unlock naturally as you progress through the campaign, but you can miss them if you don’t take the time to check out the quest counter as you go.

Here’s a list of each quest that awards a Crewmate Card as in Granblue Fantasy Relink:

  • Saga Grande: The Beginning
  • The Saga Continues: Ice
  • The Saga Continues: Fire
  • Hide and Chic
  • Wings of Antiquity
  • No One Likes Leftovers

These quests offer Crewmate Cards as first-time completion rewards. You can’t repeat the quests for more. You’ll largely unlock these in order; the first three via the campaign, and the rest as you progress through Quest Counter missions.

You’ll unlock two additional Crewmate Cards as you unlock the Hard and Extreme quest difficulties respectively. Again, just run through the campaign for the first and work through Quest Counter missions for the second.

For the final Crewmate Card, you’ll need to run enough Quick Quest missions to earn seven Gold Dalia Badges. You can then exchange these at Siero’s Knickknack Shack for the last potential Crewmate Card you need.

Are more characters coming to Granblue Fantasy Relink?

With the short-term post-launch roadmap now available, we now know that two new characters will be coming to Granblue Fantasy Relink, bringing the total number from 19 to 21.

It isn’t clear if you’ll need to use Crewmate Cards to unlock these two or if they’ll unlock automatically or through new quests, however. If it’s the former, there’ll have to be two new Crewmate Cards introduced for that purpose. Assuming they come from new quests, we’ll update things here.

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