Here’s GTA 5’s Grove Street recreated in Cities: Skylines

No Cluckin' Bell restaurants as yet, though

There isn’t usually a whole lot of crossover between Paradox’s strategy and simulation games and huge open-world crime games like Grand Theft Auto 5. You can run an intergalactic criminal corporate murder empire in Stellaris, sure. Also, we get the feeling Trevor Philips would probably get a kick out of ruling a medieval empire like a totalitarian regime in Crusader Kings 3. Nonetheless, Reddit user SpikyMonsters has smushed the two worlds together, and ended up with a nifty recreation of GTA 5’s Grove Street in Cities: Skylines.

SpikyMonsters’s custom construction should be familiar to GTA V fans, but also those that have been with the series of open-world games since PlayStation classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Grove Street served as the heart of the Grove Street Families’ gang operations, and it’s also where protagonist CJ Johnson grew up. Plus, it’s possibly where Big Smoke originally dreamed up that legendary order. So, a lot of history.

Last Thursday saw GTA V’s birthday, which marks seven years since the landmark open-world game’s release date.

Here’s the recreation of Grand Theft Auto V’s Grove Street in Cities: Skylines for you to eyeball, which we reckon is a pretty faithful, instantly recognisable rendition:

I made Grove Street in Cities: Skylines. from GTA

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