Buying everything in GTA Online’s Casino update costs $800 of real money

If you could buy everything on offer, you'd need quite a few Megalodon Shark cash cards to reach the cost

Now that GTA V Online’s Diamond Casino and Resort has opened its doors, we’ve got an idea of what the DLC’s stuff will cost you. For example, a basic casino membership will cost you $500 of in-game cash, or you can pick up the VIP membership for $50,000 – both of which could be covered by the Red Shark $100,000 cash card, costing $2.99 (£1.99) in real money, with some left to spare. However, if you wanted to pick up everything else the new content has to offer it looks like it would cost you a lot more than that – about $800 of your real pennies.

GTA modder UnknownModder has posted their summary of what all the stuff in the new Casino DLC might cost you on Twitter. Their figure puts it at a total $63,548,081 in-game cash. The breakdown of this falls into six categories, which according to the user will cost the following: casino (and styles, etc.): $8,884,500, clothes: $14,427,759, decorations: $7,279,490, tattoos: $1,598,820, vehicles: $28,030,250, and vehicle mods: $3,326,762. Phew.

To translate this into real-world money, $63.5 million would cost you around $800. Based on the cost of in-game Shark cash cards, if you bought $64,000,000 using the highest value card – the Megalodon, which is worth $8,000,000 and has the best value ‘conversion’ rate – you’d spend $799.92 (£519.92).

It’s worth noting that UnknownModder tempered the total with a note saying “assuming you could buy everything” and a follow-up reminder that “you can’t actually have multiple casino styles, clothes includes costs for both male and female, etc.”

Even if you can’t actually buy everything the pack has to offer, assuming you want to see everything, it is an expensive update. The vehicles alone, both currently offered in-game and expected in the future, seem pretty pricey when you convert them into real-life costs.

Given that the game allows you spend real money on in-game chips also to hit the casino’s roulettes, slots, and card tables with, it’s an interesting decision on Rockstar’s part – especially considering recent controversies on the topic of in-game gambling. If you’re looking to save some pennies, maybe it’s worth just sticking to the one car for now.