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GTA casino price: cost of access to the GTA 5 Diamond Casino detailed

This glitzy establishment can suck up all your cash if you let it. Here's how much you can expect to spend

How much is the casino in GTA Online? If you’re anyone that’s anyone in Los Santos, you’ll ready know that the bar to entry to the tall towers overlooking the Diamond Casino and Resort is rather high indeed – the real-world GTA casino money you need to buy everything is $800, for instance. The GTA casino cost might be a bit more affordable if you’re only looking for the most basic of memberships, but you’d certainly be missing out on a wide variety of club perks if so.

The GTA casino update is finally here after a six-year long wait, and the virtual problem gamblers that make up the Grand Theft Auto player population are already staking piles upon piles of coins on red, black, or digital horse races. That’s before playing GTA casino missions kitting out and relaxing in their spa room overlooking the entirety of the rolling hills of sunny California. But, before you can get to that, what is the GTA 5 casino price?

As we said, despite the glitz and glamour shown off in the trailer for the new update, you can still have a game of poker, blackjack, or roulette without spending millions of dollars on your high tech ivory palace. But, if you don’t get a VIP membership, you won’t get your own exclusive garage with which to store the new GTA casino cars. Anyway, let’s talk green: how much does the GTA casino cost?

What is the GTA V casino price?

So, if you’re willing to go without the VIP lounge, high-limit tables, members parties and loads more, you can pick up a basic membership for $500. You’ll also miss out on the garage, valet, champagne on tap, aircraft concierge, cleaning, and limousine service. You’ll have to be satisfied with the bare minimum, but what will it take to get up with the biggest cheeses at Diamond Resort?

When it comes to the GTA 5 casino cost for VIP membership, it’ll cost $50,000 to enjoy the perks of that and engage in special co-op missions for four hours. So it’s fair to say that the cost jumps up a fair amount. That said, one of many ways of earning in-game dosh is by collecting all the GTA Playing Cards secreted away in the map.

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You could also have got access to it for free if you have Twitch Prime: if you connected your Twitch account to your Rockstar social one before July 19, you’ll get access to the lavish Master Penthouse, and the elite membership band. From there, aside from enjoying all its associated perks, you can upgrade your huge complex with media rooms, a spa, and more. If this somehow isn’t for you, the other on-site housing available at time of writing is as follows:

  • Crash Pad: $1,500,000
  • Party Penthouse: $3,776,500
  • High Roller (fully upgraded): $6,533,500

Naturally, accommodation is just one of many ways that the resort update endeavours to part you with your dollars, even if you’re just playing casually. There are shops and drinks to purchase, lots of ways to upgrade your digs, cars and, of course, there’s not a limit on how much you can bet. Just remember what they say about the House.

And there you go, that’s the GTA Online casino price you can expect to pay once you cross the threshold of the biggest gambling factory in Los Santos. Really the cost depends on what you’re looking to get out of it, and the depth of your pockets – that’s if you can find the GTA casino location in the first place. You can go all in and drain your account of millions, or just a little more than check and get a taste of this neon-lit world without breaking the bank.