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GTA 5 player asks Rockstar for $75k refund, gets $32 million instead

GTA 5 demands a lot of in-game cash, but one Grand Theft Auto Online player gets lucky when Rockstar, the sandbox game’s developer, makes an unexpected payout.

GTA 5 player asks Rockstar for $75k refund, gets $32 million instead: A balding man with a blue shirt, Trevor from GTA 5, holds an assault rifle

GTA 5 requires a massive amount of in-game cash. From sports cars to condos, fledgling business to military-grade weapons, if you want it, you can have it – you just need the moolah. With Grand Theft Auto Online still going strong after almost ten years, and more investment options around Los Santos than ever, it’d be pretty helpful if Rockstar, creators of the sandbox game, suddenly handed you millions of GTA 5 dollars. Well that’s exactly what happened to one player, who put in a request for a $75,000 Grand Theft Auto bucks refund, and got $32 million instead.

After posting about their luck on Reddit, the GTA 5 player, ‘Skraelos,’ explains to PCGamesN how they originally tried to purchase supplies for their Grand Theft Auto Online bunker, suffered a crash, and sent Rockstar a support ticket hoping to recover their relatively meagre (in GTA terms) investment.

“I’d bought the bunker supplies and shortly after that my game crashed,” Skraelos explains. “When I logged back online, I noticed that the money was gone, but the supplies hadn’t arrived. I just made a ticket hoping they [Rockstar] could restore the money (yes, I’m very stingy, even about such a low amount). The next thing I knew, I was greeted by the message in the screenshot.”

GTA 5 player asks Rockstar for $75k refund, gets $32 million instead: An image displaying a message in multiplayer sandbox game GTA Online

Skraelos managed to capture the reply from Rockstar, confirming that rather than $75,000 GTA dollars, they’d been handed precisely $32,168,889. To put that into perspective, the ‘Megalodon’ Shark Card, which grants you $10 million in-game GTA dollars, costs $99.99 (£59.99) in real money.

“I have absolutely no idea how this could even happen,” Skraelos continues. “I actually don’t plan on touching the money, just in case Rockstar notices and decides to deduct that amount from me.”

We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, it’s recently been discovered that the latest GTA 5 update originally contained a rather interesting little feature connected to the Acid Lab, but that it was cut before launch.

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