GTA 5 hacks make player a billionaire after retrieving locked account

GTA 5 hacks have left one innocent GTA Online player a billionaire, with Rockstar, busy on new sandbox GTA 6, supposedly leaving them to enjoy their wealth

GTA 5 hacks have left one innocent GTA Online with billions to spend at the Diamond Casino and Resort, after they retrieved their locked account to find a trove of left-behind online cash – while Rockstar, supposedly busy on the upcoming sandbox game GTA 6, so far seems content to let them enjoy their luck.

Speaking to PCGamesN, the player, who goes by the username MoistWave, explains that their account got hacked while they were inactive in GTA 5, but that when they returned, they had almost two billion casino chips in their account.

“Truthfully, I’m not sure what happened when my account got hacked,” explains MoistWave. “I hadn’t realised since I wasn’t active in the game, and only noticed when trying to reset my password that the email tied to my account had been changed. Since I got my account back, it’s been fine.”

GTA 5 hacks make player a billionaire after retrieving locked account: a player walks into the casino in GTA 5

As well as posting an image of their well-gotten, ill-gotten gains, MoistWave has updated their original post to confirm that, since retrieving their lost account, it has remained opened, without intervention from Rockstar. In the past, we’ve reported how GTA 5 hackers can access other players’ game files during peer-to-peer games, and edit them to upload different scripts, textures, and character models – including one frankly tragic incident involving a chimpanzee. Hackers can also exploit GTA Online to give themselves unlimited resources like in-game cash and casino chips, and at least one of them seems to have left their stash behind.

GTA Online of course continues to get regular updates, including the new Declasse Draugur. Nevertheless, Rockstar is supposedly shifting the majority of its resources onto the next edition of the notorious crime sandbox, which you can read all about courtesy of our guide to the GTA 6 release date rumours and news. Two billion chips or not, if you want to try your luck in GTA 5’s casino, we have a guide to everything you can win at the car podium. You might also want to fight back against the crooks and criminals by serving as a cop in one of GTA 5’s best role-playing servers, or maybe try something else entirely from our guide to the best open-world games. Just don’t expect to become a billionaire all of a sudden.