How to join the GTA LS Car Meet

Here’s what you need to do to access the Los Santos Tuners content

A view of the Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos Car Meet - a man surrounded by custom cars to the left and right of him

Wondering how to start the Los Santos Tuners content in GTA Online? When you start up the game, you should receive a text from Mimi talking about the LS Car Meet – this is the shared social space where you can show off your personalised vehicles to other people. To join the LS Car Meet, Mimi tells you to head to Cypress Flats. There’s a warehouse in this area that emits revving noises as you approach the main entrance, you’re able to enter on foot or in a vehicle.

Entering the warehouse plays a cutscene which shows off some of the custom cars from the Los Santos locals. Here you’re formally introduced to Mimi, the founder of the LS Car Meet. Guns are strictly off limits in the LS Car Meet, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to ruin the vibe as you show off your decked out vehicles.

Speak to Mimi if you want to get started on some missions – Sessanta and KDJ, two of the best gearheads in Los Santos are looking for a partner to help out on numerous jobs. You won’t be able to place your cars in any of the Auto Shop spaces until you complete the first batch of missions.

LS Car Meet Membership

Now that you have access to the LS Car Meet, you can unlock some exclusive privileges by spending $50,000 in-game bucks on the LS Car Meet membership. This instantly unlocks a new reputation progression which gives you access to features and shops depending on your level. You can unlock the tattoo and merch shop, as well as a modding area to display your best vehicle. High level members can even create their own private takeovers, complete with custom lighting and coloured banners.

The location of the Los Santos Tuners warehouse in Cypress Flats

The test track is also available once you become a member, giving you access to a large underground space within the warehouse to race around and practice your drifting. There are a selection of test rides that rotate out, allowing you to try any of these vehicles on the test track. This is a great way to examine some of the vehicles without having to spend any money. Finally, prize ride challenges are available to any LS Car Meet members; completing these challenges give you the opportunity to win a prize ride.

That’s all you need to know about joining the LS Car Meet in GTA Online. Here are all the new GTA Los Santos Tuners cars, and we also have a guide on the current GTA 5 podium car in case you want to try your luck at winning this incredible car.