GTA 5 modder brings the Cayo Perico heist to single-player

The Kosatka submarine is also here

A GTA Online heist crew take on the Cayo Percio heist

While GTA Online offers plenty of hustle and bustle, some people prefer the solace of single-player. You can still live amongst Los Santos and go about your day-to-day grind, though chances are you won’t be blown to bits by a rocket from a flying motorbike. While GTA Online’s heists are one of the few things that tempt me to break stride, even those are coming to single-player thanks to the work of modders.

HKH191 managed to bring the crime game’s most recent outing, the Cayo Perico heist, to GTA 5’s offline mode, finally allowing me to rob El Rubio as Trevor. You’re even getting the Kosatka, a chonking giant submarine with missiles that features in the Cayo Percio update.

The heist comes with five startup missions and one big finale. Much like GTA Online, you can do this one solo, but you can get a team of AI teammates if you fancy tackling this with a gang. The way you approach the finale still comes down to decisions you make, such as what vehicle you want to kick things off with.

Once you’ve downloaded the mod, you can kick things off by purchasing the Kosatka from the docks. You should then see a submarine blip in front of you, which is your new underwater death machine. Once you’re inside, head to the periscope, and you’ll get a prompt to start your heist preparations.

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HKH191 explains that they could pull this mod off as they made a separate, solo heist that you can also try. If you’re looking for instructions on downloading either of the mods, you can find them at the links.

If you’re want to tackle this one in GTA Online, our GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions will lend you a helping hand. If you’re looking for more GTA 5 mods, you know where to click.