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GTA V Online’s “biggest, most audacious” heist comes to Diamond Casino next week

It'll bring an "all-new approach to heist architecture and execution"

Earlier this year, Grand Theft Auto V’s Diamond Casino and Resort opened its doors for the very first time. Offering the citizens of sunny Los Santos casino games, penthouse suites, and more, it’ll now play host to “the biggest, most audacious, most complex criminal operation ever to hit Los Santos” – the Diamond Casino Heist.

Rockstar says the heist coming to GTA Online will see players “infiltrating the most extravagant entertainment and luxury living complex in the entire state” – and it’ll be tricky. The objective is to raid the Diamond casino’s vault, swipe its loot, and deal some revenge to the Duggan family.

It’ll be an “all-new approach to heist architecture and execution” and “one huge gameplay-packed operation,” the studio reveals. You’ll get plenty of options to take on the challenge of infiltrating Los Santos’ most secure location, with prep missions and set-up choices to help “shape your plan of attack, multiple paths of approach, constantly changing security, measures and a dizzying array of choices once inside.”

While it’ll be challenging, Rockstar does say you’ll get the chance to keep your mission going and avoid failing it by shooting your way out of trouble, drawing on your surviving crew to give you a hand. The studio says the Diamond Casino Heist will be “highly replayable” and offer new scenarios which will unfold each time you take it on.

When is the GTA online diamond casino heist?

Rockstar says the GTA V Online Diamond Casino Heist will arrive next week, on December 12.

For more information on the heist, head over to Rockstar’s website here. In the meantime, check out our list of the best GTA V mods, and our handy guide on where the GTA V Diamond Casino location is on the map so you’ll know where to head when the heist launches.