GTA Online’s Christmas update brings snow, new cars, and festive freebies

You can now frolic around in the snow in GTA Online or launch fireworks out of a rocket launcher, whatever takes your fancy

Two people stand next to each other in GTA Online's Christmas update

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for the citizens of GTA Online. Not only are the streets of Los Santos now caked in snow, but there are heaps of discounts and freebies to check out when you next log in. You’ve even got some new cars to stick in your garage if your wallet is fat enough (thanks, Tez2).

Snow is a bit of a tradition in GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Not only does it give Los Santos a festive vibe, but you’re free to run around the streets and toss snowballs at other players. GTA Online has been going for a few years now, so snow also brings about a hint of nostalgia, too, as we all get older.

If you fancy a garage filler, the Overflod Zeno is now available for $2,820,000 GTA bucks from Legendary Motorsport. The car was introduced in the recent Contract update and is a two-door hypercar. The Gallivanter Baller ST is also here, and it’s free between now and December 30. Rockstar introduced the luxury four-door SUV during GTA Online’s latest update, featuring it prominently in a few missions with Dr Dre.

You’re also getting heaps of freebies for Christmas, like a clownfish mask, a festive red t-shirt, and a firework launcher with 20 rockets alongside some other goodies.

Of course, you have your regular weekly updates, too. The GTA V podium car is the Declasse Mamba, while the GTA V prize ride is the Vapid Clique – you can get it by placing in the top four of eight Los Santos Car Meet races.

Here are the rest of the discounts:

Want to know how to start GTA’s The Contract missions? You can check out our guide at the link. If you wish to learn more about the GTA The Contract cars, though, we’ve got you sorted there, too.