GTA roleplayers are recreating WoW’s Burning Crusade raid

The event will be held in GTA RP's popular NoPixel server

A GTA Los Santos gate turned into a prop for a Burning Crusade event

Grand Theft Auto roleplayers are teaming up to hold an event in Los Santos that's inspired by World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade raid. The event is being held on GTA RP's No Pixel server, though we don't have many details past that (thanks, Wowhead).

One of the roleplayers responsible for setting this up is Burn. The content creator has brought a few familiar faces to Los Santos, though this is the first time I've seen him try to reconstruct an event from another game. Burn has previously roleplayed as Gordon Ramsey and more recently caught our attention with his take on Johnny Silverhand. Not only does he impersonate the cyberpunk rocker, but he also jitters and glitches out while talking to people. He'll even strike a t-pose when chatting to others – as you would.

If you're new to the world of No Pixel, it's a server run on a third-party multiplayer system called FiveM. It's not technically GTA Online, so players can tweak it to add new modes and features. We recently spoke to a group of modders who are completing construction on the Mile High Club and turning it into full-blown DLC.

You can catch a trailer below if you fancy getting a tease of what Burn and Marcologna have been cooking up so far. Alongside a heap of dress up, we also have an impersonation of Illidan Stormrage.

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If you’re looking for some tips on how to get into Los Santos’ roleplaying scene, our GTA RP guide has plenty of them to get you started.

If you fancy some of the real thing, though, WoW Classic is getting the Burning Crusade server in June, with the pre-patch set to land on May 18. You’re getting the Blood Elf or Draenei class depending on your allegiance to the Horde or Alliance, alongside heaps of new content that’ll come in five waves.

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